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Iberian Lynx

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Guadiato  MG 3412

Again, this year we will be in the Sierra de Andujar and Doñana to spot the most threatened feline on the planet, from November to February. Trying to look for unique experiences. In addition we will enjoy interesting species like Spanish Imperial Eagle, Black Vulture, Griffon Vulture, Golden Eagle, Otter, Ungulates. IBERIAN LYNX & FAUNA OBS 1



Fauna Photography

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Águila Real vuelo MG 3251

We continue our guided nature and wildlife photography activities, for photographers and amateurs. We visit natural parks where we can take pictures of interesting species, either from a reasonable distance or in authorized hides.




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Merzouga  MG 7949

We are working in a new tour in Morocco, this time for birdwatching and fauna watching. We'll travel with a local guide in order to have a best experience. We are going to travel with the travel agency Blue Elephant, from 14 to 23 December 2.017, and probably next November 2.018.



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Camachuelo trompetero  MG 1806

Again, we'll be in the Birdfair in Rutland. This year, in addition to representing Granada Province and Sierra Nevada National Park, I will speak in a lecture about our most relevant birds.  


Sierra Nevada National Park

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 Day 2  Irrigation Channel  MG 5550

This summer, we showed our National Park in a Fam Trip with our Association of the European Charter of Sustainable Toursim of Sierra Nevada. The travel agencies from Netherland, Germany and Norway discovered a territory with spectacular possibilities for ecotourism, observation of endemic flora, birdwatching, wildlife watching, and nature photography.