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environmental education in protected spaces

In a different way, we will know the values of the Andalucía protected spaces made with one or some day’s visits.

For a day

Natural Park in Cazorla Mountains, Segura, Las Villas.

The eastern extreme of Jaén´s province is the largest protected space of our country. It is a paradise for prey birds and eagles taking into account mountain goats, deer, fallow deer, mouflon, wild boar, Golden Eagle, Booted Eagle, Griffon vulture, Egyptian Vulture and finally the Bearded Vulture (Lammergeier). It is a paradise for the fauna where many species live under the ecologic diversity.

Sierra Nevada Natural Park

You will know our highest altitude National Park of our Geography, the only which still has glacier remains and endemic flora and fauna, unbeatable landscapes. We will make a tour through high mountains knowing all the typical systems and landscapes of this massif and enjoying step by step its values. We will interpret its natural patrimony (the landscape, flora and fauna), ethnologic patrimony (the typical constructions, irrigation ditches, growing), etc.

Natural place in Torcal de Antequera and a Natural Reserve in Fuente de Piedra.

It is a unique countryside with one of the most amazing karstic landscape within the entire Europe. Karstic nature gives the landscapes a peculiar aspect characterized by the existence of a group of alleys and passages, bridges and depressions that give them a special beauty causing a petrified city. Within the fauna, the mountain goat is enhanced against crags, and birds such as redstart, sparrow, wheatear, goldfinch and coal tit.

Fuente de Piedra Lake is one of the places where is compulsory stop. We will last to arrive there a little bit more than half an hour going from the latest point. Its importance takes place being a privileged environment for the pink flamingo.

The number of the pairs of flamingos comes till 20 thousand taking into account other thousands aquatic birds that come back to the lake. More of eigth hundred of crane,  and other bird species spend the winter here.

Natural Park in Andújar Mountains.

In the northest of Andalusia we can find Andújar Natural Park, making a landscape unit with Cerdeña-Montoro Mountains Natural Park, in the central part of Sierra Morena.

The outstanding Mediterranean forest and meadow landscapes in which human being action has been respectful with its natural qualities, gives shelter to the emblematic fauna among wolf, lynx, otter , golden eagle, black vulture and the black and white stork. It,s easy to see deer, fallow deer, mouflon, fighting bull.

Natural Park in Subbetic Mountains

As wel as its beautiful limestone, canyons, forests, caves and abundance of water; this natural space bases its essential nature on karstic topography.

The path goes through el polje de la nava and Bailon River Canyon, passing by la chorretera Waterfall. We will discover the beauty of this enclave and the qualities of this natural space interpreting the ethnographic and environmental patrimony.

Taking 2 days of more

Sierra Nevada Natural Park

Visit the Natural and National Park from ‘Ermita Vieja’.

You will enjoy some days of coexistence in nature going through river, forest, high and middle mountains ecosystems learning about ecology, craftwork, astronomy...

Cazorla, Segura and Las Villas mountains Natural Park

Cover the Natural Park with the largest area of our country. During several days, we will discover this protected land.

You will know the unique ecosystems learning of ecology, ecologic agriculture, and craftwork while living in nature.

Doñana Natural and National Park

All around the world, it is a paradise for the birds, where therefore we could enjoy its landscapes; visit Tinto River, Odiel River mouth and El Muelle de las Calaberas.